Insurance Payments

We maximize insurance payments by accurately processing your claims.

For the average physician office, there can be a wide gap between expected and actual claim reimbursement. In fact, payers make inaccurate payments on one out of every 14 healthcare claims (7.1%), according to the 2013 AMA National Health Insurer Report Card. This missing revenue isn’t easy to see when it’s hidden and the cost of successfully uncovering and appealing underpaid and denied healthcare claims are expensive. However, if left unchecked, these claims issues can significantly impact healthcare revenue flow.

We process all insurance payments and have them sent directly to you. We just ask that you forward the EOB’s to us. Government and large payers usually pay within 2 weeks of claim submission. We keep you informed by running insurance aging report every 30 days and making any necessary phone calls regarding your payments. We work denials by calling to follow-up or resubmit corrected claims.  At HBS we work hard to maximize your bottom line.